ISM Seat

Ever since I started cycling, the amount of miles that I have logged have incrementally increased year after year. The saddle that I have found to provide comfort and support without fail are from ISM Seat, which is why I run their complete lineup of bike seats on all of my bikes, whether it is my commuter, mountain, road and triathlon bikes. 

But what makes the ISM Seat so comfortable? The answer is simple: blood flow. ISM’s modern saddle design and shale optimizes blood flow, virtually eliminates numbness “down under” and particularly for triathletes, the ability to dial in a very specific saddle position for proper bike fit. You can find out more about Blood Flow and Health by clicking – HERE

I’m truly honored to be supported by ISM Seat for the past 4 years! (that’s nearly 3000 hours)

If you haven’t tried an ISM Seat, come on over and try it – you won’t regret it! 😎


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