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WheelBuilder Aero Jacket review

30 Aug , 2013  

As Ironman Florida steadily approaches, investing in an aero wheel would only benefit my aerodynamics on race day. The quickest fix, and the one product that I have been told again and again to buy was the WheelBuilder Aero Jacket.

The idea is simple – put a plastic cover on either side of your rear wheel to reduce drag. The installation was just as straight forward.
I have a set of Easton EC90 tubulars and use them primarily for races only. The installation of the aero cover took about 15 minutes. All I had to do was take off the cassette and skewers. Then, align the two covers and place the plastic fasteners through each hole. When finished with the fastening, I spun the wheel to troubleshoot any spot that could have warped the cover. Make some final adjustments, double check that the fasteners are 100% tightened…and done!

nice and compact packaging
15minutes later.

I will be test riding this on Sunday, as race week approaches!

2 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Anthony, came across your blog. Nice job at Ironman Florida this year. I was wondering if you used the aerojacket during ironmanFL and if not why? Look forward to your response. Thanks again and good luck in 2014

    • Anthony says:

      Hey Brian. I didn’t use the Aerojacket for IMFL because I rented a set of Zipp Firecrest 808/404 from TriBikeTransport. Looking back, I should have used the jacket since the wind conditions were not as bad as expected. I’ll be using the aero jacket for all of my TT’s and some triathlons this year. Good luck to you too!

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